Custom Freshie Guide

Air freshener

A unique personalized freshener made according to the photo of your choice. This is a great gift for a friend or girlfriend.

GTA Style

We can give your photo a different look and make it look like it's from a cartoon, or as it's also known - GTA Style​

Protective film

Each Freshener has a glossy finish which increases the color contrast and ensures a better quality and appearance of the puff. The Freshener becomes shiny.

Upload your picture

All you have to do is choose a photo, be it a beloved puppy, a car or a person


Choose one of several scents we have selected that are not too spicy, but also have a pleasant smell

Custom Air Fresheners

Our team will cut, edit, produce, scent it and send your Freshener, which you can enjoy every time you get into your car.

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